This site was started as a brain child of an ex-hopeless romantic. Rather, a loveless romantic, because this individual felt that hope was a necessary component to being a romantic. After the realization that the dating world itself had no hope, this site came into being.

The stories that will be shared here are fiction, but based in reality. Similar events happened to the ex-hopeless mentioned above. Due to the fictional nature of the stories, names and places have been changed. The author is also writing under a pseudonym, Roland Corban.

A social community is also included to facilitate the sharing of the community's own horrors. We ask that any sharing that takes place does not use real names or places for the safety of all parties involved. The Loveless Horrors Community can be accessed at Horrors. Please join and share and help build this budding community of ex-hopeless romantics. Or at least those of us still in recovery.